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How to request for quotation?

Three Methods to Request for Quotation: RFQ, Upload BOM, or Sending Message.You can submit your request without registration. The only information we need: your name, email, country, and the products you need.Registered user can view all RFQ history after logging in.BOM, as Known as Bill of Materials

How to add product into RFQ?

You may add the product by clicking the button "Add to RFQ" in Product Page, including the quantity and target price.
You may add the product by clicking the button "Add to RFQ" in Product List (the result of searching, manufacturer product list, or category product list), including the quantity only.
You may add the product by filling the form below the searching result.
You may add products by filling product list in the BOM.
You can view, update, or remove Products in the BOM, Product Page, or Product List.
You can edit the quantity or target price of the products in the BOM, Product Page, or Product List.

How long are the products keeping in BOM?

The BOM requires Cookie and JavaScript enabled by Browser.
The BOM will be cleared if you closed entire browser.
The BOM will be cleared after submitting a quotation request through the BOM.
You can remove products in the RFQ manually.

How to submit a quotation request through the RFQ?

Make sure there is one or more items in the RFQ; otherwise, an error message will show up.
Click the button "Continue to Fill in Contact Information" to continue.
Login your OceanStar account or fill in the contact information directly, then click the button "Continue to Review the RFQ Form" to continue.
Review all information and double check they are correct before clicking the button "Submit the Request for Quotation" to send a quotation request.
After submitting the request for quotation, you will get a RFQ# for identifying and tracking your RFQ. Also, you will receive an email contains the information you submitted.
Usually, our team will contact you within 48 hours, usually within 24 hours.

How to upload a BOM file?

Click the link of "Request for Quotation" from the menu bar, top bar, or at the footer to enter Upload BOM Page
After your upload the BOM file, please follow the order of request for quotation by BOM Cart to finish the process.
Maximum Size of BOM File: 2048KB. File Name Must Only Contains: 0-9 a-z A-Z _ - . Format Supported: xls, xlsx, csv, doc, docx, pdf, txt. The uploaded file will be automatically removed if you did not submit the RFQ.
Search Product

How to search product by part number?

You can find the search bar at the top of each page.
The search engineer will only do matching the leading characters of part number.
If the product did not exist in our database, you may fill in the Non-Found Product form to add product into BOM. We do our best to seek it from our supply chain network without any extra charge.






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